What is Instagram?

What Is Instagram and Why Is It So Popular?

Even though Instagram has been around for less than a decade, most of us have heard about it and there ought to be some who have never used it. For the individuals who are aware of it (i.e. the ones in the former category), this article will give a detail explanation of what it is and why it is very much popular. To define Instagram in few words or one line, it is a photo-sharing application.

Launched on 6th October 2010, it became the number one app to be downloaded from the Apple Store within 24 hours of its launch.

What is Instagram

Why Is Everybody Flickering To Instagram And What Does It Do?

The following are the reasons for that:

Photo Editing

One of the coolest aspects of using Instagram is you have got 11 various types of filters which you can use for creating an interest in your pictures. With these filters, you can convert boring photos into amazing ones.

Since its launch, Instagram has tweaked its filter section, and there have been various indications about the abilities for users to buy additional filters. These so called filters range from retro to futuristic.

Sharing Photo

Using the application, you can take pictures or simply use the ones stored in the device. Add a title to the picture, so that it is fun and helpful. Within an instance, you can share the photos not only on the Instagram but even on Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Posterous. Also be sure to visit Hoopism to buy Instagram followers for your account.

Additionally, you can connect with your Foursquare account and not only that you can easily tag the photos along with the location. By default, all the photos posted on Instagram is public, and if you want users to apply for permission before following you and viewing the pictures, then you can set the account to private status.

However, till now there is not a single person who has got a private account on Instagram.


Like other social network tools, Instagram is based on having more followers and friends. It is easy to follow people on Instagram, and at the top of the profile of the user, one can see the username, profile pictures, the count of photographs which have been uploaded, how many followers are using and having accounts, how many users are following interesting Instagram profiles, etc.

Searching Individuals to Follow

One of the biggest advantages of using Instagram is you can see which of your Facebook and Twitter friends are using the tool and you can easily start to follow them. Also, there is the ‘Invite Friends’ feature, which links to the address book. Even Instagram would provide suggestion to users regarding whom they want to add.