Our March Madness bracket uses data from Sports Insights to display the percentage of real bets each team is getting from seven real sportsbooks. The teams highlighted in orange are receiving the majority of the bets. Hover over the pie charts to see the actual percentage number (all data based on spread-style bets).


  1. Great use of mouse over behavior. We’re doing the same over at The Power Rank, except we have predictions for not only the opening games but all 67 games of the tourney.


  2. Ejam

    So bettors really think Detroit is going to topple Kansas in the first round so far?

  3. LeKingJames

    Is there anyway you can add the spreads?

  4. Mike

    Agreed, we need the spread. A slight majority is picking Detroit to cover the spread, not win the game. If the spreads were displayed it might make it easier to analyze. I know beggers cannot be choosers of course.

  5. Pat

    “All data based on spread style bets”

    I take that to mean that these numbers indicate bets to cover…right?

  6. bodotdot

    I wish this site showed a time stamp. It’s 5pm EST on Monday (3/12)–Why is DET still favored over KU? And updating lines need to be shown for this to be useful. It has so much potential–just need those two things!

  7. Scott

    This would be much more effective if you looked at the moneyline numbers.

  8. bodotdot

    Hey–the odds are posted! Looks good! Any way to show a “Last Updated” timestamp on there, too? If not, it’s still really good info!

  9. hoopism

    Might get a chance. It’s at the top and bottom of every hour (so 1 and 1:30…).

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