Scary Good NBA Illustrations

Joey Cienian is doing some of the most unique NBA themed illustration work we have seen. We got an email a couple months back from this self proclaimed “anarchist of aesthetics” asking if we would be interested in sharing some of his illustrations. In his email, Joey mentioned “I often make my characters look like monsters in a sense” so we thought debuting the work on Halloween seemed fitting.

Joey writes “I am 27 year old social studies high school teacher that lives in Minneapolis. I love graphic design, mostly use pen and ink off the computer (ie Gahan Wilson or Ralph Steadman) and did screen printing in college. Creating art like this is a serious hobby for me, and as I’ve been doing an enormous amount of NBA Art lately a friend suggested I kick them your way as we both agree your site is awesome. ” The feeling is mutual and we hope to recruit Joey to help out on some future posts.

A couple of our favorites are below but be sure to check out the rest of Joey’s illustration work on his website.

We are always looking to collaborate with, or to promote the work of, talented artists, writers, data-visualists, statheads etc.