About Hoopism

Hoopism.com was created by Bailey Brothers Matt and Jason to share their passion for basketball data visualization, analysis, history, and culture. Their vision is to develop the type of basketball content they wish existed by presenting interesting data in unique and engaging formats.

Matt Bailey / Co-Creator

Matt is a software engineer interested in making advanced basketball statistics more accessible through interactive data visualization. Matt handles the programming as well as data acquisition, filtration, and mining, for all the Hoopism data visualization projects.

Jason Bailey / Co-Creator

Jason is a multimedia designer with an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he focused on data visualization and interaction design. Jason is currently working as a freelance design consultant and is currently accepting new clients. Follow Jason on Twitter @bigdatasports.

Matt Gordon / Writing Editor

Matt is currently a law student at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago and is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Matt is Hoopism’s writing editor and primary writer, contributing a unique perspective with his posts including the popular “Basketball Cultures 101″ series. Matt also plays a major role in gathering data for many Hoopism data visualization projects.

Guest Contributors


Robb Harskamp

- Entire Slam Dunk History in One Poster

- NBA Championship Rings by Team 1947-2010

Milton Un

- NBA Championship Rings by Team 1947-2010

J.O. Applegate

- Who is the Oldest Team in the 2011 Playoffs?

Thomas Arnold

- The New Economics of the NBA: Part 1

- The New Economics of the NBA: Part 2

If you have an interesting idea for a project or would like contribute in future projects drop us an email or follow us on twitter @hoopisms.