NBA Finals in Twitter Form

It’s been a while since we’ve put together a Hoopism project, but we’ve been working on all sorts of projects behind the scenes. Most recently we came up with a tool for visualization difference in the way people are using social media. We call it Tweepify.Me. You may remember some time ago the boxscore Stat Caricatures that we made. This is a similar concept in that we map twitter statistics (followes, following, tweets…) to physical body parts. We decided to run the Heat and Thunder through Tweepify (that’s the tool). Below are the results and Key:

The body parts break down as follows:

Head Height = Followers
Head Width = Following
Eyes Height = Last Tweeted
Eyes Width = Followers/Day
Mouth Height = Followers/Day
Mouth Width = Tweets
Arms = Reach
Hands = Tweets/Day
Legs = Days on Twitter

What does that mean? Based on the leg height they are all veterans of social media… which is no surprise in this day an age. The head ratio is interesting. A round head means they tend to have a balanced number of followers/following (Maynor and Durant). Tall heads tend to be more followed (James and Wade). The narrower the more severe the discrepancy (Mike Miller). Mouths are also interesting. The mouth ratio is the volume of tweets versus followers per day. So a tall mouth means they don’t say much, but they have a large audience (Mike Miller). A wide mouth means they say a lot to a potentially smaller audience (Eric Maynor). The more normal looking mouths are a balance of the two.

If you want to play around and build your own lineups or see what you look like next to the NBA elite then head over to Tweepify.Me and check it out.