Who’s the Oldest Team in the NBA 2011-12 Edition

Who is the oldest team in the NBA in 2011-2012 if you take into consideration minutes played? The graph below updates daily and tracks the true age of all the teams in the NBA based on playing time, not just a simple average of all player ages. The left column is the average player ages using standard averages, the right column is the average player ages after adjusting for minutes played. The thickness of the lines represents the amount of change in average age.

We tracked this stat last year and were surprised that older teams were dominant (think Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Mavericks). We even made the bold prediction that the Mavericks would win the playoffs based solely on their being the oldest team. The prevailing wisdom this year is that older teams will suffer due to the compressed schedule. It is still early in the season but our weighted averages show the opposite to be true. As of 01/08/12, the 15 oldest teams in the NBA are currently 74-50 or 59%. The 15 youngest teams in the league are currently 49-73 or 37%.

So while the Mavs may not be off to a championship start at 4-5, and the Thunder look young and strong at 8-2, the older half of the league is still outperforming the younger half of the league with almost 20 percentage points greater win percentage. This weighted age graph will be updated weekly so be sure to check back in as the season progresses.

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