Shaquille O’Neal: A Visual Retrospective

Robb Harskamp has done it again. Frequent Hoopism contributor Robb Harskamp has put together a beautiful retrospective of Shaquille “The Big AARP” O’Neal’s career. The piece is broken up into three different figures – jerseys, accolades, and a miscellaneous assortment of Shaq related goodies.

As is Robb’s style, he’s also provided a downloadable version to hang in your locker or tape to your fridge.

In our opinion, it is extremely difficult to even know where to begin in terms of describing Shaq: both as a person and basketball player. Thus, we thought Robb’s layout was perfect – a combination of all the different places Shaq has set up shop, his varied and numerous awards, and a snippet of his various eccentricities. Some of our personal favorites include his absurd size 22 shoe and High School jersey as it’s now hard to even imagine Shaq as a svelte kid lumbering down the hardwood.

With the collection of jerseys, you really get an appreciation for just how many different players, coaches, fans, cities, and more that Shaq has interacted with and impacted over his years of basketball. The man was truly a traveling giant. Of course, despite all the bouncing around, he found time to not only win multiple championships and awards, but also launched hilarious (and somewhat serious) careers as an actor, rapper, police officer, and more.

Be sure to check out Robb’s work at his website and follow him on twitter at @robbharskamp. You can also catch Robb’s work from earlier this week here. If you have an idea for a cool project you would like to debut or for a potential collaboration, reach out to us at