NBA Basketball Social Media Leaderboard

EDITORS NOTE: This post no longer updates. Be sure to check out some of the great tools Klout has over at

We created the NBA Basketball Social Media Leaderboard so you can find the most influential players and teams all in one place. You can also follow @Hoopisms for a chance to appear on the top 100 followers. We chose to rank using Klout scores because we like that they go beyond just measuring followers and tweets and they have made their API open for developers. You can learn more about how Klout calculates scores or register with Klout and get a personalized summary of your score. Be sure to check back in as we will be updating the scores daily.

As always, If you have ideas on how to improve this project leave a comment below or if you have ideas for other cool projects and want to collaborate drop us an email or follow us on twitter @hoopisms.