Entire Slam Dunk Contest History On One Poster

Guest Artist: Robb Harskamp

Our slam dunk contest video visualization has been called “Dunk Porn”, if so, we consider Robb Harskamp’s Slam Dunk Contest Poster to be the perfect centerfold. Robb’s poster is the kind of work we go crazy over, so we were psyched when he agreed to debut it on Hoopism. As is the Hoopism way, you can download a medium res version for free. There is also a limited edition of of 24″ x 36″ posters available for purchase for those that need it in its full glory. Click on the image below to zoom.

Robb reached out to us via twitter @robbharskamp and after checking out the amazing work on his website we decided a collaboration was definitely in order. To be fair, the collaboration was pretty one sided. We shared our vision of “generating and sharing unique basketball content we wish existed” and Robb came back a couple weeks later with this mind-blowing artwork. We were immediately drawn to the level of detail and reverence with which Robb captured the history of the contest.

Robb manages to encapsulate the entire narrative of the dunk contest in a single image. Highlights for us are the Brent Barry warm up jacket and Robb’s rendering of the Denver Nuggets TETRIS style jersey – our all-time favorite.

We asked Robb about his inspiration:

“As a kid, I might have been a little bit obsessed with watching the NBA dunk contest. I remember being nervous and excited watching — there was just something amazing about it. I took my love for drawing and filled notebooks with sketches of ‘Nique, Jordan and Spud to name a few. After seeing Hoopism’s amazing slam dunk contest video visualization, it took me right back to being a kid again. Next thing you know, I’ve made a poster showing all the participants of all the dunk contests. It’s been a blast.”

Robb was awesome to work with and we hope this is the first of many collaborations. We are also considering releasing some posters of our own work if the interest is there. As always, If you have an interesting idea for a project or would like contribute in future projects drop us an email or follow us on twitter @hoopisms.