100 Greatest NBA Shots With Video and Location

On Valentines day we released 65 of the Greatest NBA Shots with the help from some of our favorite basketball writers. The overwhelming response in the comments, twitter and facebook inspired us to add an additional 35 for a total of 100 Great NBA Shots. Also, be sure to check out Hoopism in the February 28th issue of Sports Illustrated (Online Version here).

The court is divided by camera view. Shots that are scored on the left side of the video frame are on the left side of the court diagram (blue circles). Shots scored on the right side of the video frame are on the right side of the court diagram (white circles). So if you see a white circle on the left side of the court, that shot was taken beyond half court. Just click the circle to call up the video of the shot. Once a shot is clicked it will turn gray. You can pause by clicking the button on the video.

In the first 65 picks we managed to completely exclude LeBron James (We’d make awesome GMs). Thanks to the 5,000 or so people who pointed it out we’ve fixed that by adding 2 suggestions (2009 Game winner against Magic, Slam over KG/Celtics). Iverson made the list three times with his ’01 step over shot on Lue, ’97 crossover of Michael Jordan and a game winner against Germany in ’04. We also added a clip of a Barkley game winner from ’93 we hadn’t seen in a few years, but definitely worth mentioning (.05 seconds rebound and underhand shot). Several people sent the same video of Bill Walton throwing his shoe to block a shot, but it was brief and hard to see. We added it, but are still searching for a better video. Reggie Miller made the cut with 8 points in 9 seconds along with Ray Allen’s record breaking three pointer from this season. Bunch of other great shots in there. So the question is, what’s missing? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email.

Additional Notes
The responses were great and we tried our best to credit the first person to mention a shot. If you’re suggestion didn’t make it then it’s likely we lost it, so make it again. Once again Matt and Jon Gordon did a phenomenal job pouring over the comments and compiling links to videos. Read Matt Gordon’s work here at Hoopism and check them both out on twitter: @matogo18 and @JGordo92.