Who is the Oldest Team in the 2011 NBA Playoffs?

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Guest Artist: J.O. Applegate (Bouncex3)

We asked J.O. Applegate of Bouncex3.com to “bring his talents” to Hoopism as a guest artist to help us illustrate average team age adjusted for minutes played in the 2011 NBA playoffs. He came back to us with the amazing (and hilarious) artwork below. The number on the bottom left is average team age adjusted for minutes played, while the number on the bottom right is the Bouncex3 human lifespan age (think dog years) for the team.

We met J.O Applegate on twitter (@Bouncex3) and fell in love with his NBA inspired web comics at Bouncex3.com. Our personal favorites from this piece include old man Nowitzki and shuffleboard Garnett. You can view, print out, or download the whole image in hi-resolution here.

…And the old get older.
On the first day of the playoffs, we picked the Mavs to win the championship solely based on being the oldest team in the playoffs when adjusted for minutes played. Turns out Dallas actually got older during the playoffs, moving from a regular season average of 31.5 to a post season average of 32.2. The Heat on the other hand are playing almost a year younger on average, moving from a regular season average of 29.48 to a post season average of 28.5. This shift in averages has given us even more confidence that the Mavs will claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Additionally, we found it interesting that the Pacers ranked as the youngest team based on playoff minutes. When we checked the average ages for the season, both the Sixers and the Thunder were ranked as younger than the Pacers. So what happened? The Pacers played younger by almost 2 years, moving from a season average of 25.4 to a post season average of 23.8. Some of this shift can be attributed to the increased playing time of Paul George, age 20, who averaged 20.7 minutes during the regular season and 26.6 minutes in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the post season average age for the Sixers and Thunder remained relatively consistent with the regular season.

About J.O. Applegate
J.O. Applegate is largely self taught as an artist and works with a combination of hand drawn images and Photoshop, resulting in a very unique and compelling style. He spent a several years living in Japan where there is a tradition of sports themed comics. Upon returning to the US. he decided to do his part to spread the craft by starting Bouncex3.com, and we are glad he did. Follow @Bouncex3 and you’ll have a chance of appearing in one of his upcoming comics.